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Getting Here
Where is Kea and what is it like?

Kea is one of the famous Greek Aegean islands, belonging to the Cycladic complex. It is easily accessible from the Athens International Airport. It is an up-and-coming island offering fantastic beaches, hiking trails, historic sites and museums, a variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife. Perfect for high summer as well as off-season visit.

Are there many beaches / what is the landscape like?

With over 50 miles of undeveloped coastline dotted with tiny bays and pristine sandy beaches you are sure to find your own secluded patch of beach. Kea is prized for its many superb beaches, lapped by crystal clear waters. Kea is covered with hidden valleys, hills, wildflowers and olive groves, and a number of exciting archaeological sites so there will always be something for you or your family to explore.

How do I get to Kea?

There is frequent ferry boat service from the mainland port of Lavrio. The trip takes 60-75 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

How often do ferries run?

It depends on the season but during the summer months count on a ferry crossing every 2-3 hours.

How long does it take to get there?

The boat takes 60-75 minutes. The drive from the Athens International Airport to the port of Lavrio is around 30-40 mins.

Is there public transport or do I need a car?

Public transport is seasonal (July-August) and it runs erratically and only to the main towns of Ioulis, Otzias & Peesses. If you are staying in Kastellakia, you will definitely need a car. If you are not bringing your own, we will help you to renting one from the airport at very competitive rates.

What is the best time to visit?

Obviously, most people come in July and August, however summer conditions continue throughout September and often into October, when there are fewer people and the sea is still warm. Mid May to late June is a delightful time to see the island in full color with spring flowers and to walk some of its ancient paths.

How do I book ferry tickets?

There are a lot of sites that sell on-line ferry tickets, you can visit our Useful Links sections to see some

What are the ferry schedules?

Ferry change seasonally. I have found this site to be the most comprehensive - but occasionally there is a period where the boat schedule is being posted and it appears there are no boats. There is always one boat a day, and in high season up to 5.

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