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Are there shops/restaurants around?

You can find a tavern and mini market in the nearby village of Poisses (1km) and a bar, seaside coffee shop and restaurant in Koundouros (2.5 km). Main supply shopping is recommended at the port of Korrissia super markets (17km).

Can I rent a car or moped?

Both car and moped rental is available on the island. Regarding cars, it is cheaper to rent one on the mainland and bring it over. Also, during high season, availability is very limited. Kea does not lend herself to moped exploration. It is an island with narrow roads with many turns, unpaved roads and generally dangerous to moped use. Generally speaking we advise our guests strongly against renting a moped.

Can I rent a boat? What kind?

There are three kinds of boat rental we offer:

> one is a a small cruiser with captain that will take 6-7 people on a boat tour around the island

> the second option is renting a hard bottom inflatable boat with power engine. Boat can be picked up at port of Lavrio or delivered at bay. These boat require a valid EU (or other) maritime license.

You can also come on your on boat! The villas, being really beachfront, are ideal location for a boat and stay vacation.

> you can rent a sailing boat from the mainland and come with it. Boat can be rented with skipper (extra charge) or without if you have the relative sailing license


LARGER ZODIAC BOATS should be pre-booked to assure availability.

The Aegean is dangerous and no small boats can be rented in Kea as seas can get rough and currents strong enough to overpower a small boat


What other services are available at the villas?

At an additional charge, we can arrange on-site Swedish massage, personal training, yoga instruction, boat rides, guided archeological visits, car rentals, boat charters, helicopter transfers, personal chef. We can also arrange for Athens Hotel stays or for your stay at another Greek island or mainland through our partner Greek Private Homes 4 Rent. Ask if you do not see it or need it!

Are there medical facilities on the island?

There is a small medical facility, part of the Greek healthcare system in the Hora (Ioulis), staffed by two doctors and two interns that are on 24 hour call. There are morning outpatient visiting hours everyday. More serious cases are referred to major Athens hospitals. Transfer is done either by ferry or helicopter, depending on the severity of the case.

What can we do once there?

In Kea, Villa guests may swim, fish or snorkel on the numerous pristine beaches on the island, take part in water sports activites 3 km from the house (diving, waterskiing, tubing, SUP),  visit ancient sites, walk the picturesque Hora cobblestone narrow streets, follow several ancient marked footpaths to remote beaches, go bird-watching on the nature reserve on the east side of the island, or simply have a lazy afternoon on Kastellakia beach and watching the sunset.

Are there things for children to do?

Villas are equipped with games (puzzles, dominoes, art materials, cards, dice, etc.), DVD players and a selection of childrens DVD (in various languages), a satellite dish and satellite receiver, and books.

The Last week in July there is generally a fairy-tale festival around the island, in various languages, for children of all ages.

3km from the house there are watersports including paddle boats, waterskiing, scuba diving and SUP boards.

Are there ferries to other islands from Kea?

Kea is connected directly with a number of other islands: Kythnos, Syros, Paros, Tinos. It may be worth the 1 hour trip back to the port of Lavrio where you may have more frequent departures to other islands.

Are there night clubs and bars on the island?

Most night clubs are in the north part of the island, around the Vourkari yacht marina. There is a beach bar (day & night) with music in Koundouros and a couple of bars in the Hora keeping it low due to noise restrictions after 1 am.

Is there diving on the island?

Snorkeling, spear fishing and free diving is allowed.  Scuba diving and PADI training 3km from the house, can be arranged to be at our beach - must be pre-booked.

Is the beach suitable for nudists?

Generally speaking, nudism is allowed only at assigned beaches in Greece, though this is VERY loosely enforced. On Kea, there are quite a few private spots, notably on the east side where nudism is more of a rule than an exception. Kastellakia used to be the unofficial nudist beach of the island but now as the island is increasing in popularity, nature lovers should be considerate of the people around them who may be bothered or shocked! Beach House Maria and Villa Aperon patios and sundecks offer more privacy to sunbathe naked with no obstrusive eyes on you.

Are there organized beaches in Kea?

There are five organized beaches in Kea that offer umbrellas, sunbed and some beach bar or on-beach service:

Koundouros, Kounderaki, Spathi, Xyla, Peeses and Gialiskari, Otzia, Korissia

Unorganized beach with taverna - Kambi. 

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