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Kea is one of the famous Greek Aegean islands, belonging to the Cycladic complex. It is easily accessible from the Athens International Airport. It is an up-and-coming island offering fantastic beaches, hiking trails, historic sites and museums, a variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife. Perfect for high summer as well as off-season visit.

With over 50 miles of undeveloped coastline dotted with tiny bays and pristine sandy beaches you are sure to find your own secluded patch of beach. Kea is prized for its many superb beaches, lapped by crystal clear waters. Kea is covered with hidden valleys, hills, wildflowers and olive groves, and a number of exciting archaeological sites so there will always be something for you or your family to explore.

There is frequent ferry boat service from the mainland port of Lavrio. The trip takes 60-75 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

It depends on the season but during the summer months count on a ferry crossing every 2-3 hours.

The boat takes 60-75 minutes. The drive from the Athens International Airport to the port of Lavrio is around 30-40 mins.

Public transport is seasonal (July-August) and it runs erratically and only to the main towns of Ioulis, Otzias & Peesses. If you are staying in Kastellakia, you will definitely need a car. If you are not bringing your own, we will help you to renting one from the airport at very competitive rates.

Obviously, most people come in July and August, however summer conditions continue throughout September and often into October, when there are fewer people and the sea is still warm. Mid May to late June is a delightful time to see the island in full color with spring flowers and to walk some of its ancient paths.

There are a lot of sites that sell on-line ferry tickets, you can visit our Useful Links sections to see some

Ferry change seasonally. I have found this site to be the most comprehensive - but occasionally there is a period where the boat schedule is being posted and it appears there are no boats. There is always one boat a day, and in high season up to 5.

All guests receive complete instructions via e-mail in pdf form on how to get to the port of Lavrio and Kea. There is also a sign at the top of our road, 1 km after Peesses beach.

There are three buildings, two closer to the sea in the front and one further back. The one front building contains Maria Beach House. Behind this is Villa Thymari. The third building  villa Aperon is further up and slightly back , offering a majestic sea view

Villas are well separated 50-200m apart

Sheets and towels are included. However you can bring beach towels as it is not allowed to take house towels to the beach or you can rent beach towels on the spot

The Kastellakia beach is less than 15 meters away from Beach House Maria. Villa Thymari is 30 meters from the beach.  From Villa Aperon it is 120 meters and you have to walk up and down a steep road to the house.

Legally there is no such thing as a "private" beach in Greece. Beaches are public property and everybody is allowed access to them by land or sea. The Kastellakia beach is a less frequented, limited access beach. During high season (July & August) expect to encounter few people on it, not the number you normally encounter on other beaches of the island though. Generally speaking it is very quiet, with less than 8-10 persons on the beach at a time and this only in August. Off season (May, June, September, October) it is yours alone!

It depends on the age of the children and their swimming proficiency. The beach has small pebbles which become sand where the surf crashes. Entering the water may be a challenge for them as there are a few rocks in the beginning and the water gets deep very quickly. Koundouros (less than 3km away) is more "child-friendly", featuring sand and a gradual slope in. Expect to encounter a larger crowd there though.

All villas have laundry facilities: Beach House Maria shares a common laundry room and Villa Thymari and Aperons have their own. However, due to water restrictions and water scarcity, we do not encourage guests to do laundry at the villas on a regular basis. Bring enough clothes to last you your trip, at least for adults. In no case are you allowed to wash sheets, towels, blankets, etc without prior permission.

Theoretically yes, but the taste is not the best. We recommend bottled water for human consumption. You can use the tap water however to cook, wash vegetables, brush teeth, etc. It is clean rainwater!

Villas are self catering and you have to make your own, the way you like it!

We do provide a welcome basket, and will pre-stock the fridge upon request.

Villas come with basic supplies like salt and pepper, olive oil and vinegar, pasta, spices, soaps, detergents/cleaners, toilet paper. You will also receive a welcome basket with local goods, instructions and a map of the island to use. You should definitely plan to bring bottled water, juice/soda/wine/beer/alcohol, cheese, yoghurt, cereal, meat, fish, chicken, kitchen paper towels, candy, chocolate, ice cream and any other food or item you fancy! All of this may be purchased locally. Don't forget suntan lotion.

Owners are on-site - for you every day, every night. Concerige services available as well.

We accept dogs.  Larger dogs may have to live outside. In no case are dogs allowed to climb on couches, chairs, beds, sun beds.

Inside, the villas are NON smoking. Though not strictly enforced, we ask smoking guests to be considerate and smoke outside, being very careful to extinguish and dispose of their cigarettes properly.

Discounted prices are offered for Early Bird and Last Minute. Cash on arrival discounts available as well - inquire.

Bank wire transfers (SWIFT & other) in EURO via our booking clearing house Greek Villas 4 or cash on arrival.
Paypal with its surcharge added (currently 3.54 %)
No credit cards are accepted, bank or personal checks

Prices are defined on three parameters: season, occupancy (number of people) and villa selection. Please inquire about economy, standard and deluxe packages to fit your needs.

Our villas are licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organizaiton according to law 4179. The law defines a minimum rental period for such accommodation

Minimum rental period for our villas in high season (July-August) is 7 days. You can come and stay for the weekend, but you will be charged the entire week (as well as invoiced for that period)

All packages include linen and towels, electricity and water, Beach Umbrellas and on-site assistance.

You can choose your package - Economy, Standard or Deluxe

Economy does not have WiFi, A/C option or BBQ use - these would be an additional cost.


 Though independent with no common area, and little contact, it could be booked if you do not book the entier villa.

Villa Aperon, Villa Thymari and Maria Beach House are in Kastellakia Bay, a remote, tranquil, very private inlet in the SoutWest fo the isalnd

Alexandra Beach House is in the ever so popular Koundouros Bay, 1.3 km form Kastellakia Bay, in a complex of similar units. However, since it is the last in the row is offers some privacy

Yes there is! Despite our remote location with no land lines, we offer a fast 24 MBPS Satellite connection via Wifi to all of our Kastellakia Bay Villas with our Standard and Deluxe packages. Economy packages are charged extra for Internet access. Free access ranges from 1-5 GB (5000 MBs) depending on package and up to 6 devices can be used at a time

Upon arrival you will find on the villa your access code

Due to its nature, the connection has volume limits so any streaming application like Youtube, Spotify, Hulu, On-line games, etc will use up the available volume very quickly. Also smartphomes that have their Update Automatically option on, will do so too.

Hence the free internet volume is to be used to share your vacation moments with friends and family and keep, if necessary, in touch with your office! Time to log-off and enjoy the surroundings!

Alexandra BH offers land-line based Internet at 6-11 MBPS


If you have an Economy package with no access or a Standard and Deluxe where you have used up your access volume, you can ask to buy more.

As this is an (efficient but expensive..) satellite connection, prices are defined daily according to demand. 1 GB will range form EUR 7 to EUr 45 depending on traffic.

Inquire and we will send you the quote within 2-4 hours and if you agree to it, it wil be charged against your damage deposit. A new code will be issued. There is a finite amount of GB you may purchase per week.

You can find a tavern and mini market in the nearby village of Poisses (1km) and a bar, seaside coffee shop and restaurant in Koundouros (2.5 km). Main supply shopping is recommended at the port of Korrissia super markets (17km).

Both car and moped rental is available on the island. Regarding cars, it is cheaper to rent one on the mainland and bring it over. Also, during high season, availability is very limited. Kea does not lend herself to moped exploration. It is an island with narrow roads with many turns, unpaved roads and generally dangerous to moped use. Generally speaking we advise our guests strongly against renting a moped.

There are three kinds of boat rental we offer:

> one is a a small cruiser with captain that will take 6-7 people on a boat tour around the island

> the second option is renting a hard bottom inflatable boat with power engine. Boat can be picked up at port of Lavrio or delivered at bay. These boat require a valid EU (or other) maritime license.

You can also come on your on boat! The villas, being really beachfront, are ideal location for a boat and stay vacation.

> you can rent a sailing boat from the mainland and come with it. Boat can be rented with skipper (extra charge) or without if you have the relative sailing license


LARGER ZODIAC BOATS should be pre-booked to assure availability.

The Aegean is dangerous and no small boats can be rented in Kea as seas can get rough and currents strong enough to overpower a small boat


At an additional charge, we can arrange on-site Swedish massage, personal training, yoga instruction, boat rides, guided archeological visits, car rentals, boat charters, helicopter transfers, personal chef. We can also arrange for Athens Hotel stays or for your stay at another Greek island or mainland through our partner Greek Private Homes 4 Rent. Ask if you do not see it or need it!

There is a small medical facility, part of the Greek healthcare system in the Hora (Ioulis), staffed by two doctors and two interns that are on 24 hour call. There are morning outpatient visiting hours everyday. More serious cases are referred to major Athens hospitals. Transfer is done either by ferry or helicopter, depending on the severity of the case.

In Kea, Villa guests may swim, fish or snorkel on the numerous pristine beaches on the island, take part in water sports activites 3 km from the house (diving, waterskiing, tubing, SUP),  visit ancient sites, walk the picturesque Hora cobblestone narrow streets, follow several ancient marked footpaths to remote beaches, go bird-watching on the nature reserve on the east side of the island, or simply have a lazy afternoon on Kastellakia beach and watching the sunset.

Villas are equipped with games (puzzles, dominoes, art materials, cards, dice, etc.), DVD players and a selection of childrens DVD (in various languages), a satellite dish and satellite receiver, and books.

The Last week in July there is generally a fairy-tale festival around the island, in various languages, for children of all ages.

3km from the house there are watersports including paddle boats, waterskiing, scuba diving and SUP boards.

Kea is connected directly with a number of other islands: Kythnos, Syros, Paros, Tinos. It may be worth the 1 hour trip back to the port of Lavrio where you may have more frequent departures to other islands.

Most night clubs are in the north part of the island, around the Vourkari yacht marina. There is a beach bar (day & night) with music in Koundouros and a couple of bars in the Hora keeping it low due to noise restrictions after 1 am.

Snorkeling, spear fishing and free diving is allowed.  Scuba diving and PADI training 3km from the house, can be arranged to be at our beach - must be pre-booked.

Generally speaking, nudism is allowed only at assigned beaches in Greece, though this is VERY loosely enforced. On Kea, there are quite a few private spots, notably on the east side where nudism is more of a rule than an exception. Kastellakia used to be the unofficial nudist beach of the island but now as the island is increasing in popularity, nature lovers should be considerate of the people around them who may be bothered or shocked! Beach House Maria and Villa Aperon patios and sundecks offer more privacy to sunbathe naked with no obstrusive eyes on you.

There are five organized beaches in Kea that offer umbrellas, sunbed and some beach bar or on-beach service:

Koundouros, Kounderaki, Spathi, Xyla, Peeses and Gialiskari, Otzia, Korissia

Unorganized beach with taverna - Kambi. 



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