Chora / Lion


No trip is complete without walking through the main town and its cobbled roads – traverse the entire town and at the end of the village you will find yourself on the old stone road that takes you past the spring of Kounderis. A little past the cemetery and a small whitewashed church is the Lion of Kea, a huge statue carved out of granite from the 6th century BC. Beyond the lion is yet another spring, this one called the Spring of Benjamin, with it's troughs for the animals and marble columns. The path continues on to Otzias if you are the type who loves walking.


karth lux boat

The ruins of an ancient city can be found only by boat or walking (there is an option to go by donkey as well but I don’t recommend it!) Karthea, also known as Poles, on the southeast coast of the island founded in the 12th century BC


KEA Korrissia

The main port, closed off in the evening, is a perfect place to stroll up and down. With a variety of food options and bars, as well as a few boutique stores, it is a great evening out. To top it off, the outdoor cinema is right near the port, a Greek treat which I call like the old drive-ins, but it’s a sit down. Combine a beer or cocktail in perfect evening conditions with a theatre-screen cinema and surround system.



The highlight of art galleries, upper crust fish restaurants serving the yacht and cruise communities that pass through. My favorite – the ice cream store at the far end.


light house

There are actually two lighthouses – one in the port area, and our favorite secret location found in Ruth and Michael’s top picks!



Beautifully kept, fantastic views.

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